How to Send Bulk Email – Get the Best Results From Your Email Campaign

You will have no doubt used SMTP Bulk Email Service in the past such as SendinBlue, Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SendPulse and others. Such SMTP Mass Email Services are great for sending out a limited number of emails to your subscriber lists. But they are not good for mass email sending to large marketing lists as your account will simply be suspended. Email marketing continues to be vital for many businesses to win new business during these unprecedented times brought about by the Covid- pandemic.

CBT Mass Email Sender is a Bulk Email Sender Software that has been developed for sending out mass emails to large marketing lists. Mass Email Sender for Bulk Email Blasts of the software is to allow you to achieve a high inbox rate and avoid suspensions and bans. The software has many sophisticated features. The software supports multiple SMTP accounts, direct sending options in case your smtp servers fail, proxies and VPNs, spam filters and blacklists, email list cleaners, spintax format, macros, auto resume feature, email sending settings, automatic unsubscriber supression list, sending via SMTP and webmail.

It is worth noting that one of the most important features is the software’s ability to send via webmail. Many email providers such as Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail,,, O .pl, Rambler are already making it very difficult to send mass emails via SMTP. The software can send emails via the webmail by emulating real human behaviour and can easily solve many types of captchas such as Google recaptcha and and well as fun captchas with the help of remote captcha solving services Send our bulk emails from your PC using the best bulk email sender desktop software: CBT Mass Email Sender.

CBT Bulk Email Sender Software will allow you to effortlessly send out thousands of emails and achieve a high inbox rate. Download CBD Mass Email Sender Desktop Software. We have specifically kept the CBT Mass Email Sender practical and very easy to use. We have stripped out all the redundant features to make the software practical, lightweight and easy to use. The objective of the CBT Bulk Email Sender is to send out mass emails fast and achieve a high inbox rate and a good ROI for you.

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