Has Covid-19 Affected Shipping A Car From The US To Canada?

Since the beginning of COVID19 in the U.S, virtually all of the industries, except a few have taken huge losses. Many people have lost their jobs and the economy has taken a major hit. During these trying times, people who were looking forward to shipping their vehicles from U.S to Canada are not so sure.

There are mixed discussions about COVID-19 disrupting the car transport industry and this article is all about showing you a clear picture of what to expect from vehicle shipping service providers and whether it is safe to send your car to Canada nowadays or not? So let’s get started:

Auto Transport Prices Have Reduced:

Yes, this is true, the cost to ship a car has reduced a lot because of various reasons. Firstly, the fuel prices have dropped by 7-8% as compared to last year, (source). This has reduced the total fuel cost for shipping vehicles, which has replicated the car shipping cost for the end user. The cost for fuel decreased because of lockdowns throughout the world resulting in low utilization of the oil.

Furthermore, people opt for car transport service when they can afford it. But due to the COVID19, many lost their jobs and several businesses got shut. In short, COVID has hit everyone not just physically and emotionally but economically as well. So because of that, many people are taking the risk of driving their vehicles to hundreds of miles on their own. This has caused reduction in the demand of car transport service which also has decreased the prices as compared to last year.

Car Carriers Are Taking Necessary Precautions:

Another change that COVID has brought with it, is that the car pickup and delivery process require you to do some extra work. You will have to prepare your car by disinfecting it from in and out before handing it over to the car carrier. This will ensure the safety of the vehicle handling crew and is also a part of the general SOPs.

Furthermore, when the car is delivered, it will be disinfected thoroughly from in and out and then handed over to the person on the receiving end. This way, the chances of the virus getting transmitted via the car will be near to none. You can read more about the SOPs and precautions here.

Shipping Durations Are Not Fixed:

Because of the lockdowns and strict adherence to SOPs throughout the country, car transport trailers might see delay of a day or two. Some states might not require the vehicles to be out on the road after dark so the drivers might have to stop at a motel early. This can cause delays.

However, because the demand of car transport is less, there will be lower number of trucks on the U.S/Canada border. So because of that, it will take less time for the trucks to get clearance and enter Canada. So the lost time can be saved here. Now depending on how things progress in the future, the shipping durations will keep changing.

Bottom Line:

After looking at the three key changes that Coronavirus has brought to the car transport industry, we would say that now is a good time to transport your vehicle. This is because the price is low and everyone is following the standard precautions and SPOs which is good for the safety of you and your vehicle.

Furthermore, the shipping durations are variable so if you ship the car in near future, have a cushion for 2-3 days so that if your car gets a bid delayed, you don’t have to cancel your other plans.

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