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When you visit a vape shop these days, the first thing you�re going to notice about disposable e-cigarettes is that they�re actually there. Until the beginning of this year, it was rare for specialized vape shops to carry single-use devices at all. That�s because most full-time vapers don�t use them.

At the beginning of the year, though, the federal government passed a law restricting the flavor availability for vaping devices with replaceable cartridges or pods to just menthol and tobacco. The ban didn�t apply, however, to bottled e-liquid or to single-use devices. So, disposable e-cigarettes were suddenly relevant again for anyone who used a JUUL, MyBlu or other cartridge- or pod-based device. Pre-filled pod systems suddenly had just two flavors available, but single-use devices could legally exist in every flavor under the sun.

Vaping product manufacturers took advantage of that fact and immediately began producing disposable devices in every flavor imaginable. You can find single-use devices in dozens of different flavors today, and more flavors are coming out all the time. Disposable vapes have become so popular that, even now, the level of demand still outstrips the supply.

Better Performance and Reliability

In addition to the vastly improved flavor selection, you�re also going to notice that the typical disposable device looks much different today than it did a few years ago. While single-use devices used to look like tobacco cigarettes, they�re more rectangular today � almost like a JUUL. MiNiMAL allows a disposable device to hold more e-liquid and a bigger battery. Single-use vapes have always claimed to last around 200 puffs. In practice, though, that claim rarely turned out to be true. Today, most devices actually do meet their performance claims.

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